Artist rendering by Blue House Design

Technical drawing by Blue House Design

Build location / Photo credit: BHD

Artist rendering by Blue House Design

Artist rendering by Blue House Design

Listen to Beck's performance with your headphones on for ideal sound, and check for the 360° Experience. The Hello, Again performance started with an idea -- Beck would reimagine David Bowie's classic, "Sound and Vision." But it became more than another cover.

Lighting Design and show programming by Guy Pavelo of GP Design.


“Sound and Vision” Music Video Shoot

Beck, under the direction of Chris Milk, turned to Willo Perron & Associates to create a unique live performance environment for his "Hello Again" shoot. The live event needed to provide an immersive experience equal to that of the exclusive online interactive experience. 

The solution was to stage Beck's solo performance on a small round platform in the center of a larger circular performance space. This platform was surrounded by two concentric revolving rings of audience seating, which were then encircled by a 200 piece orchestra. Finally, a 10' high circular video wall served as the perimeter. The live audience of 300 was treated to a once in a lifetime musical and visual experience.

We were fortunate to be involved with Willo Perron on the conceptual drawings and later to provide Producer, Antony Randall, with client renderings and mechanical drawings. This was one of the most challenging and fun musical events we’ve been a part of, and being longtime Beck fans made for an even greater experience.

You can check out the online experience HERE.